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HD, short for Harvest Development, is the premier multi-family real estate and property management firm. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. HD stands tall in the industry, renowned for its exemplary services ranging from real estate transactions to expert property management.

Consistently expanding our footprint, we proudly serve communities across Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa. Our commitment to excellence and community improvement sets us apart as leaders in the industry.

Our team goes above & beyond, every time.

Our team is passionate about improving the community and providing quality service and lifestyle for our residents. We spend endless hours renovating and restoring properties to reflect their original charm and high-quality features. Our dedication to excellence ensures that our properties are not only comfortable and stylish but also contribute positively to the neighborhoods we serve.

Angel Grove

Director of Property Management

Darion Shropshire

Director of Construction and Property Maintenance

Jim Goulding

Vice President of Accounting Operations

Krystal Callaway-Neppl

Director of Marketing

Jennifer Watts

Assistant Property Manager Omaha Region

Laura Mejia

Office Ambassador

Mathew Flott

Resident Accounts Specialist

I'Tatyiana Danner

Leasing Coordinator

Abigail Wiggins

Leasing Coordinator

Chris Colborn

Maintenance Manager

Brandon Erives

Maintenance Coordinator

Lawrence Coran

Maintenance Technician

Bob Pecha

Maintenance Technician

Miguel De La Paz

Maintenance Technician

Aden Hughes

Maintenance Technician

Marcus Loux

Maintenance Turn Technician

Larry Hangman

Maintenance Turn Technician

John Sutton

Professional Painter

Bret Cain


Jim Rich

CEO, Founder



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Expand your investment portfolio with our approach that emphasizes value and proactive involvement in operations. We excel at identifying and enhancing undervalued properties, turning investments into profitable opportunities. Partner with us in future multi-family portfolios.

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