Harvest Development Q3 Property Management Update

September 30, 2023

Quarter 3 at HD Omaha was filled with many exciting property updates and additions as well as team members excelling in their roles, all to provide our residents with quality living. Our recent expansions into municipalities outside of Omaha including Norfolk, NE, marks a significant milestone in our commitment to fostering vibrant living spaces across Eastern Nebraska. Our ribbon-cutting ceremony at The Warwick apartment community is a testament to this pledge.


A New Chapter in Norfolk: The Warwick’s Grand Opening


Located at 1401 Lakewood Drive, The Warwick is comprised of 72 units. These units range from cozy 1 and 2-bedroom apartments to spacious 3-bedroom townhomes, catering to a diverse spectrum of residents. With modern living rooms, updated kitchens featuring stainless steel appliances, and fresh countertops, we’re offering comfort and style in one package.

In addition to updating the individual units, we have updated the following to enhance the properties:


Other community-enhancing features recently completed include a new Bark Park for our four-legged residents with added pet stations throughout the property. Picnic areas were also added for use by our residents to enjoy the outdoor beauty Nebraska has to offer.

View more photos and details about The Warwick here!


Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony: A Community Affair


Our venture in Norfolk officially commenced with a well-attended ribbon-cutting event. The event wasn’t just about showcasing the updates to The Warwick and introducing ourselves to the community but it was a nod to our broader vision for Norfolk’s thriving future.

Doug Anderson, our COO, encapsulated this sentiment, noting, “The acquisition of this community is more than a business move; it’s a declaration of our confidence in Norfolk’s potential. We’re here to positively contribute to its burgeoning economy.” This ethos lies at the heart of HD’s approach: to enhance the communities we join, not just our properties.

Embracing Norfolk’s Warmth and Potential

The city of Norfolk has embraced us with open arms, something we’re deeply grateful for. As we meld into the social and economic fabric of the city, we’re keen on fostering a symbiotic relationship, where we learn, grow, and thrive together.

“We’re not just here to build and manage properties. We’re here to contribute to lifestyles, to be a part of the heartbeat of heartland families,” Doug expressed with a vision for a future where our company’s footprint makes a meaningful difference.

Read the full press release from the ribbon-cutting at The Warwick here.


A Marketing Update


As we continue to expand to communities outside of Omaha, we have begun referring to our property management arm as simply HD, short for our full name, Harvest Development. Within the Omaha community, we are still HD Omaha. You may see iterations of our logo both with or without Omaha beneath the orange HD. We are excited for more marketing and brand-related updates to come in 2024!


Q3 HD Employees of the Month


Earlier this year, we implemented a new Employee of the Month program to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions and dedication of our team members. This program serves as a morale booster, motivates employees to excel in their roles, and fosters a positive work culture that values hard work and commitment. We are pleased to present the well-deserved July, August, and September employees who earned this honor.


July: Jim Goulding, Director of Real Estate Financials

Jim has been a member of the HD Omaha team for over nine years. When asked about his favorite part of working at HD, Jim said, “I enjoy the challenges we face as we are constantly growing.” Jim enjoys spending time with his family, and if he could travel anywhere, it would be to a beach in the Caribbean.


August: Riley Watters, Maintenance Technician

Riley is a member of our maintenance technician team and says he enjoys accomplishing his work and learning from other team members! In his free time, he enjoys relaxing with great company, especially in Northern California, where he has visited many times to enjoy the redwood trees and cliffside ocean views.


September: I’Tatiyana Danner, Leasing Agent

l’Tatyiana is an amazing leasing agent of ours and she says she loves her job because of the team, flexibility, and growth opportunities. In her role, she is inspired by getting to provide the act of service in creating new homes for our residents. When not at work, l’Tatyiana enjoys watching anime and keeps busy with her 7 cats!


In Conclusion


As we move forward through the end of 2023 and beyond, we remain committed to delivering excellence in property management, staying attuned to industry trends, and fostering strong relationships within the communities of which we are a part!

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